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Как правильно писать письмо по-английски? как правильно его оформить?. Правильно: что касается этого Учитель года Москвы — о том, как правильно общаться с. Студенты спят как мёртвые, поэтому у вас есть все шансы заночевать под дверью. Welcome to Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) About Us. UCDA: A 25 Year Journey. Message from the Managing Director. Let’s celebrate women in coffee. Комплексное лексико-грамматическое упражнение №9 Choose the word or word combination that fits the sentence best.

Студенческий Английский язык 7 баллов. Предыдущий вопрос.

Следующий вопрос. Помогите ответить на вопросы по тексту. Как правильно записать ответы Diana Spencer was born on the first of July in Sandringham in England.

She had two older sisters and a younger brother.

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In childhood she liked games, swimming, running and dancing. She wanted to become a dancer.

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  • Besides she loved children very much and at the age of sixteen she worked in schools for very young children. They seemed to be a happy couple at first.

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    They had two sons. They travelled a lot they worked a lot, they visited many countries together.

    Why was Diana the most famous, the most beautiful, the most photographed woman in the world? Why did she win the hearts of millions and millions of people in many countries? Why did so many people come to London to remember her when she died? Why did the car accident which took her life, become such a total shock to crowds of people?

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    Why did people feel the need to be in London at the funeral? Why did the tears and love at the funeral move the world? The answer is so simple.

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    Matthew Wall, a student at St. She did so much for those people less fortunate that herself".

    She was a kind woman. She liked ordinary people, though she was rich and had many rich friends.

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    Wherever she was, she was always ready to lend a hand. She was devoted to the sick and the poor. She wanted to give them a part of her soul, to make them happy because she was unhappy herself. She wanted to give them love, because she needed love herself. But she had more friends among ordinary people.

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    Diana was seen many times in floods of tears, because of the pressures of her loveless year marriage. It is not a secret that Diana was hounded and humiliated to the point of mental breakdown and was able to pull through only because she knew she had the love of the people to buoy her in her darkest hours. Questions: 1. How many brothers and sisters did Diana have?

    What did Diana like in childhood? When did Diana become princess? Why did Diana become world-famous?

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    Why did people love Diana? Who was among her friends? Попроси больше объяснений Следить Отметить нарушение Qwerty Войти чтобы добавить комментарий.

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